Small Business Strategy – Theory and Execution

Breakfast Seminar 07:30 sharp – breakfast at intermission and back to work by 10:00

Extreme Networks uses the Rockefeller Habits to build our business.  We’ve been featured in the BRW Fast 100 and have grown our team to 19 people.  This seminar will cover both how we have implemented the Rockefeller Habits and how we use technology to support that implementation.

We will talk about our culture:  Our Values, Mission, BHAG, 5 year, 1 year and 90 day plans and what the implementation looks like from a people point of view.

The second part of the session will cover how we use technology to implement our plan.  We are going to look at how we use Confluence, Skype, Google Hangouts and Slack to be able to communicate

Communication Confluence

Communication is key part of building a fast growing company.

We will cover how you implement strategy in a geographically diverse environment.  We have staff employed in 2 countries across multiple sites and keeping everyone on the same page, let alone the same book is can be a real struggle.  Technology and process helps dramatically with that.

We will cover offshoring and how that fits into our business plan and how we use technology to make this work.  Technology has dramatically increased the efficiency of offshoring and bought it within the reach of any small business.

The Technology behind the Execution of Strategy.

Creating the strategy is the easy part – but as most Small Business owners know, execution is everything and for a workforce with remote workers, execution can be very hard.  We will cover some of the great technology that underpins the execution of our strategy.

  1. Confluence – A simple and very cheap solution for managing work, teams and particularly policies and procedures.
  2. Slack – an essential tool for quick and immediate text communication.
  3. Dropbox – free document storage.  What are the alternatives.  Document management is a key part of getting external team members working smoothly.
  4. Google Hangouts – A free quick and easy communication tool for meetings.
  5. Skype – Free for internal calls, both video and audio and a very cheap way for support people operating from overseas.
  6. Pinterest (Yes – Pinterest is an important part of our strategy!)
  7. Digital Dashboards – The teas access to a range of screens showing important KPIs for the company.


Digital Dashboard

Digital Dashboards show important KPIs and information and help team performance.

We will finish of with a brief discussion of the process that we have undertaken to build our team of offshore team members.  This has lead to significant cost savings, but more significantly given us access to skills and capabilities that our business wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Level:  Beginner.

As with all of our seminars, this is designed to inspire and educate you to grow YOUR business.

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July 27th 07:30 – 10:00 

144 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs.

** Morning Session ** We will have a light breakfast at intermission.