Your Outsourced IT Department

Working with Extreme Networks as your Outsourced IT Department is often very different for many of our clients when they start working with us.  We aim to provide you with a true internal IT Department, providing all of the functions of an IT Department, from Help Desk, through to Systems Administration and Virtual CTO/CIO.  Our aim is to make sure that each and every business has access to the latest technology that they need to grow their business and to understand what technology is available to help them evolve their business plan.

  1. Think about how you want IT to work in your business.  IT can be provided many different ways, depending on the strengths and resources each company has.
  2. We use a teams approach.  Our skills are quite extensive and deep.  We don’t have 2 people who are jacks of all trades, we have people with deep expertise and many years of experience across the areas that we work.  Be that Security, Server Infrastructure, Communications, Desktop Support, Business Intelligence, or Back up and Disaster Recovery.
  3. You’ll have 2 engineers assigned to you as your main Virtual CTOs, who will help you to create the 5 year IT plan for you, as well as to help you leverage the changes in IT that can help you grow your business.
  4. We use an internal ticketing system.  We can give access to this to you and your team.  You’ll be able to see tickets that you have open, tickets that are closed and hour many hours of support you’ve had.  We have some customers who even use our ticket system for their internal help desk, escalating issues that can’t be resolved internally to our team.  To make the most of our ticketing system and our teams approach, please send support requests to  This means that we will be able to respond as quickly as possible to the ticket.
  1. We are data driven, whether it be the number of Event Log Errors we collect and monitor, hours to answer a ticket or average CPU usage, we collect Gigabytes of data and use a range of tools, including Microsoft Power BI to analyse the data.  As we all know, what gets measured gets managed and that’s why we present our our data in big dashboards, for everyone in the team to see.

  2. Documentation – We like to document everything for you, so that you have a better understanding of the PCs, Servers and peripherals that you have so that you can plan your IT expenditure.  Documentation also makes it easier to support your infrastructure, issues get solved quicker when everyone knows how it is setup