MS Power BI And Digital Dashboards

Modern Small Businesses need to be data driven, and we’ve found Microsoft Power Bi has given us a significant advantage in visualising data that we have in our business, making it easy to create a digital dashboard and display it for all of our team to see.

Using Microsoft Power BI to create a Digital Dashboard

We’ve used a range of technologies, including Microsoft Power BI, Twtitterfall, Piwik, Google Analytics and bespoke applications to create our digital dashboards

Advantages of using Microsoft Power BI for digital dashboards

Microsoft Power BI creates an easy way that team members are able to access information.  We installed monitors on our walls so that some of the data is readily available to all of the members of the team.  We have been able to interface with a wide range of databases, many of which have fairly poor reporting.  This has enabled us to provide real time analytics on critical business processes and had a positive impact on business performance.

Why Digital Dashboards?

Digital Dashboards aid agile small businesses by:

  1. Creating a sense of responsibility in the team when everyone can see each team members’ performance.
  2. Ensuring that all team members are tracking the same information.
  3. Decreasing reaction time to changes in critical information.
  4. Incentivising team members to work to improve their KPIs.

Many businesses have a lot of information that isn’t readily accessible to team members and this means that it is not of much value.  Publishing real time data for everyone to see can dramatically increase the value of the data and increase the value of the relationships that you have with your customers.

About the Extreme Networks Digital Dashboards

We’ve created a range of digital dashboards, using a range of technologies.  We’ve used Microsoft Power BI to pull data out of our line of business application to show average billings per engineer, open ticket resolution times, to monitor managed services customers hours per month and phone calls per team member.  We also use a range of third party applications, including Zen Desk for customer support ticket times, Google Analytics for web traffic, Matomo for web traffic log reporting, Twitterfall for monitoring competitors on social media and Zabbix for real time server performance monitoring.  We also created a number of bespoke analytics reports for monitoring real time customer online orders, tracking food ordering and restaurant bookings across multiple countries.

Our office is designed as a working demonstration of the technologies that we use, so if you would like to see what a modern office looks like and how we have integrated these tools into our business to support our growth, please contact one of the team to arrange for a demonstration.

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