Reason 7 of 7 to use Extreme Networks

Our Solutions

When looking for an IT provider, ask them what differentiates them from their competitors. We help businesses to grow their businesses. We follow the same processes and use the same tools to build our businesses.

We have built website that receive over 200,000 visits per month, built an online business with customers all over Australia and New Zealand, in fact our furthest customer is in the Virgin Islands.

We wouldn’t offer to help you build a website that gets over 200,000 visitors a month if we hadn’t done that for ourselves.

We wouldn’t ask you to start targeting customers all over Australia, if I didn’t already have a hundreds of customers all over Australia and New Zealand.

We wouldn’t talk to you about marketing automation if we hadn’t automated much of our marketing procedures already.

We know what we are talking about, because it is what we do.  Just like the Nike ad – Every damn day.

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