Reason 6 of 7 to use Extreme Networks

Our Customers

We bring over 15 years of experience in helping small businesses to manage their IT. We’ve taken care of the computers, while they’ve taken care of business and now with our online marketing and cloud technologies, we are helping small businesses to redefine the way that they work.  Many of our customers have been customers of Extreme Networks for over 10 years and some have been with us since the start.  This is a testament to our commitment to providing Outstanding Customer Service.

We look after lawyers and accountants, manufacturers, exporters, importers, lawyers, hospitals and doctors surgeries, Vets, business associations, schools, restaurants and mechanics.  In fact we have hundreds of customers across almost all of the small business spectrum. We see a lot of businesses, so very successful and some not so much, we know what works and what doesn’t.  You can rely on our expertise and experience to be able to make the right decisions for your business to get the outcomes that you need.