Junior Trainee Systems Administrator / Network Engineer

  • Looking to fast track your IT career?
  • Want to get paid for 3 years getting experience in IT rather than spend 3 years in Uni?
  • Want to work for the most exciting IT company on the Mornington Peninsula?

The Opportunity:
You will join Team Extreme with the role as a Junior / Trainee engineer who wants to start and build  their career in our exciting company (We do lots of cool stuff). The work is challenging (you will need to work hard, study hard, learn quickly and think on your feet) and varied (you will learn a lot about a lot of things). The role is customer facing (AAARRRGH customers – yes you will talk to customers.  A lot. We love our customers and you will too)  and you will use your communication skills every day (you will talk to the team, customers, suppliers and Vendors every day – if you aren’t a people person I guess your out of luck).

You will act as the primary engineer (you will be required to be responsible for and take responsibility of) for a group of our valued customers, taking ownership of their issues (making sure that things get done).   After all this work, there should be some time left in the day to have a bit of fun!  We have fortnightly corporate massages and a range of other corporate benefits including Ferrari drive days!

This job would ideally suit someone who lives on the Mornington Peninsula and has finished Year 12 in 2015 and is looking to fast track their IT career rather than start a Uni Degree.

We value work/life balance and try to minimise out of hours work, which is very little.

You will need to complete onsite traineeship of Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking.  (The course is a year but can be completed earlier than a year)

The Bad News:

  • You will do the daily coffee run;
  • You will put out the rubbish bins;
  • You will do daily time sheets;
  • You will have a budget of hours to meet;
  • You will get paid the crappy training wage;
  • You will pick up the phone and call customers often;
  • We have 4 key values – if you do not know them at interview time you will not get to the next round; and
  • We have 4 key values – if you do not share them you will be exited from the company.
  • I cannot be any clearer on this – your chances of surviving at Extreme if you do not share our values are zero. I personally guarantee it. J

The Good News:

  • You will be working with the Mornington Peninsula’s leading IT company, a member of a team of 21;
  • You will be given a training plan to build you into a senior engineer as quickly as possible;
  • You will be exposed to a range of networks and technologies;
  • You will have regular pay reviews to increase you wages as your skills and demonstration of the 4 key values merit it;
  • You will be paid a $500 bonus for every Microsoft exam you pass;
  • You wages will increase as your skills, knowledge, confidence and billables increase;
  • You have the opportunity to become a key member of the IT with all of the rewards associated with it;
  • You will be able to receive bonuses as a part of our team bonus scheme.
  • We hold regular social events which includes lunches, dinners, fortnightly corporate massages, rock climbing, abseiling, rap jumping, movie nights, laser tag.

You will need:

This is an entry level position.  We are not expecting great things technically from you.  What you MUST be able to demonstrate are:

  • Clear and articulate communication skills;
  • A great attitude;
  • Share with our 4 key values;
  • Teamwork, must be able to work with a team;
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Excellent written communication skills;
  • Must be able to follow procedures;
  • Be able to clearly document clients networks;
  • Have not completed any course higher than a Cert Level II; and
  • A demonstrable passion for IT.

Holders of Tertiary qualifications are not eligible for this job.

Do not apply for this job if:

  • You do not like talking to and helping people;
  • You are applying for jobs as a sparky, garbo, and accountant – may as well try IT as well;
  • You are not super excited about IT;
  • You find computers confusing. We will hire the best and the brightest.

How do I get the job?

We have a series of interviews, each more fiendish than the last.  These may include a phone interview, a group interview (multiple interviewers and multiple candidates, a technical exam, a written exam and a technical exam.)  THIS PROCESS IS LESS ABOUT YOUR TECHNICAL SKILL AND MORE ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE AND PASSION.


You will be paid the training wage + bonuses.  We pay a $500 bonus for every Microsoft Exam that your pass.

Hiring Criteria

You will be judged on the following:

Personality / Fit with the culture of the company – Our key values
Written and oral communication skills
Proximity to Carrum Downs
Skills with basic PC troubleshooting
Drivers license

To apply for this most awesome opportunity

Please email your resume to iwanttowork[@]extremenetworks.com.au

About Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks provides IT support to Small and Medium sized Enterprises from Dandenong and Braeside through to the Mornington Peninsula. We have been listed in the BRW Fast 100 and we are a Microsoft Partner currently employing 18 people. We value learning and we pay for you to sit your Microsoft exams as well as pay bonuses for every exam you pass. We take our Extreme name seriously and in the past Team Extreme has done rock climbing, go karting, APC Driving, paintball, pistol shooting, abseiling and parachuting!

Our customers range from Accountants to Hospitals to Manufacturers and Exporters.  We help the business owners to better understanding IT and to leverage it to help them grow their business.

Extreme Networks was formed in 1999 and has steadily grown since then to be the best integrator on the Mornington Peninsula. We offer a challenging environment in a team that likes to have a laugh along the way.

We also have a unique set of skills around building online strategies and businesses.  We have built websites that receive over 100,000 visitors per month and online businesses with leads from all over the world.

We have 4 key values.  These key values and our BHAG of making a meaningful difference in peoples lives and our mission of Solving Small Business Problems have seen us grow to the company we are today and will see us double in the 3 years.  Check out our Facebook page to learn more about Extreme Networks.