Facebook is one of the most powerful customer databases in the world and one of the cheapest ways that you can find new customers.

  • We have used it for Extreme Networks as our main source of customers.
  • We have used it to build Marketing4Restaurants to have customers in 10 countries.
  • We have used it to grow 4x4earth to the largest free and independant 4WD website in Australia.

In this advanced Facebook Marketing training seminar we will look at 3 advanced strategies to help you find more customers and decrease the cost of converting those customers.

  1. Remarketing –  Learn how to follow people who to target customers who have visited your website in the past.
  2. Email marketing – Got an email list?  Use this cool technique to gain another way to target prospects.
  3. Segmenting – We will look at some of the advanced segmenting techniques you can use to better define your target marketing and increase your conversion rates.

These techniques are perfect for building strong online marketing sales funnels, decreasing the cost of acquiring a customer and decreasing sales lead times.

Facebook marketing is a very powerful tool for advertising.  We will go through the mechanics that we have used to drive tens of thousand of people to our websites, to dramatically decrease the cost to acquire a customer.  Many of the campaigns we run cost as little as $7 per day.

We will show you how one of our posts was seen by 103,000 people, got 250 likes and drove 360 people to our website.  We did all of this for just $45.  We have other example of ultra low cost campaigns that have been created by targeting very defined niches.

Our company Extreme Networks, is very boring to market and many small business owners have the same thoughts, that no one wants to see what they are doing on Facebook, but for us, the example has been very different.  It is a medium to reach more people, to engage with our customers and re engage with old customers.  This seminar will include lots of tips for some of those difficult to reach customers, how we do it and the results that we get.

High performing Facebook ad

This ad was seen by over 100,000 people and drove traffic to the website for 10 cents a click.

Unlike other marketing companies, over 90% of the tens of thousands of dollars of Facebook marketing has been spent to build our own businesses, so it is our money we are spending and we are focused on measuring the success of each and every dollar.  We will also cover what numbers to be looking at in the Facebook Ads manager to be able to really understand how well your marketing is going.

If you don’t think Facebook Marketing is right for your business, you should attend to find out what your competitors are using it for.  It is not just for selling and you will be surprised at the ways it can AND is being used by millions of businesses.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

As with all of our seminars, this is designed to inspire and educate you to grow YOUR business.

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Thursday the 31st of August 5 PM – 7:30

144 Colemans Road, Carrum Downs.