Stress Free IT

A lot of IT companies talk about how they try to provide Stress Free IT for their customers. Team Extreme is always looking for ways that we can really make the life of business owners less stressful in general.

There are a lot of things that we are already doing:

  • Our proactive maintenance – knowing that something is going to break before it breaks;
  • Our proactive advice – IT plans and roadmaps so your business is on the right path; and
  • Our training seminars – so your team has the skills and knowledge to grow your business.

We asked ourselves, “is there is more that we could do to help local business owners be stress free?”. Can we help them as they run their business and enjoy stress free IT?

Corporate Massages!

For over 12 months now, Team Extreme has had Shah from Massage Rescue visit every fortnight to provide us with relaxing corporate massages.

What better way to help our customers than with a relaxing Corporate Massage from Shah.  Now, every second Wednesday, we have 2 slots dedicate to our awesome customers.  If you are interested in having all your tension and stress massaged away, please contact us and make an appointment for your free Corporate Massage :).  Sorry, due to high demand, this is for our customers only.

(Not a customer, maybe it would be a little less stressful if you became one? 🙂 )  Call today to discuss what life is like with Team Extreme helping you with IT!!

Stress Free IT

How Team Extreme provides our customers with Stress Free IT 🙂

The massage takes place in our offices and Shah brings along a massage chair for your to relax in whilst he takes care of all your aches and pains and tension.

It is just one more thing that we do to make sure that our customers have as little stress in their life as possible!

Extreme Networks – Not your average IT company.