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Oct 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

The key thing that differentiates Extreme Networks from our competitors are the Small and Medium Sized Computer Initiatives that we have undertaken to ensure our customers make the most out of their investment in IT.


  1. OPIPOur One Page IT Plan.  This our one of our cornerstone initiatives – creating a simple way for business owners to understand the current state of technology within their organisation, the risks they are exposed to, the opportunities and the likely investments required over the next 3 years.  A simple roadmap to ensure your IT plan is supporting your business plan.
  2. vCIO.  A virtual CIO can make a big difference, informing boards, advisory groups or management about the changing IT landscape and how it will impact / accelerate your business.
  3. Essential 8+. As a partner of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, we have invested heavily in creating a tool that helps small businesses managing their risk to cyber threats.
  4. The Extreme Networks 12 Point Audit.  A key way that our engineers support over 5,000 servers, desktops and laptops is through the lens of the 12 point audit.
  5. Big Data for Small Businesses.  There are many tools that small businesses can leverage to get big data solutions within their business, driving decision superiority.
  6. Extreme Labs – The Place where Smart Start Ups start.  Our small business accelerator is a tech enabled
  7. Bringing KPIs alive with Digital Dashboards.  We have seen significant growth in the KPIs that drive our businesses, and some of the biggest gains our customers have had has been with surfacing data from within the organisation so that managers and team members can see real time numbers for company performance.


SME Computer Initiatives Benefits

Our customers use Extreme Networks for a range of needs.

  • Cost effective IT Support.  Great IT Support should be seamless.  Self service and team enablement are key ways to drive down the costs of IT Support.
  • Decreasing costs.  Whether it is developing an offshoring strategy or automating workflows currently done within the business, we often find multiple ways to decrease costs and ensure that more revenue makes it to bottom line.
  • Increasing productivity.  Team member productivity always needs to be monitored because competitors will always be looking for ways to increase their teams productivity.
  • Business process reengineering.  Either off the shelf or bespoke software development can dramatically decrease costs and increase efficiencies.  Extreme Networks has a strong team focused on developing web based line of business applications.
  • Decrease sales acquisition costs.  We have developed a range of automated sales funnels, from sales proposal automation through to smart analytics for online behaviour, these all work to decrease sales time frames and ensure that your sales team can identify the hottest leads in your pipeline.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about how we can help you scale up your business, contact us today, or phone us on 0397857162.



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