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Feb 22, 2013 | News

90% of small businesses are still using pen and paper or Excel to do their staff rosters.  They find it difficult and time consuming because there is no error checking, it is difficult to send the rosters out to everyone and it is difficult to keep the roster up to date when changes are made.

Finally there is an answer – Time2Roster allows small businesses to roster their staff quickly and easily, to keep track of when staff are working and to sending the roster out quickly and easy.


Using Time2Roster, small businesses can now get their rosters done quickly, send them to their employees very quickly and dramatically decrease the number of errors that they have in their rosters when they send them out to employees.

“There are a lot of productivity gains to be made when using Time2Roster”, Founder, James Eling
stated.  The rosters can be done a lot quicker than with pen and paper and getting the roster out to all employees is quick and simple.  The error checking means that employees aren’t rostered twice or for less than the shifts they need.

For businesses that are rostering casual staff who have other jobs, being able to roster quickly means that staff commit to their shifts that they know they have first, which means work trying to find other staff or hiring more expensive temps when you can get your roster out quickly.

Time2Roster is free to use until December 31 2013 and will remain free for customers rostering less than 80 hours per week.  This means that many small businesses, such as shops only having 1 staff member on at a time will be able to continue to use Time2Roster for free.

Go to, and start saving time and money today.

Time2Roster – Simple Rosters Fast.

Extreme Networks has developed Time2Roster over the last 2 years with the support of a Commercialisation Australia grant.  It is part of the core mission of “Solving Small Business Problems.”

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