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Dec 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

Some businesses have done really well in 2020, some did OK, and some have really struggled.  We will see a huge number of new businesses starting in 2021 as people start to get into a post COVID life.

Extreme Networks is delivering our Reboot 2021 series of workshops to help businesses gain some of the key skills that will help them grow in 2021.

Our goal is to help 100 businesses employ 1 new employee in 2021.  Reboot 2021 is based around marketing and business knowledge. to grow your business.  The lessons learnt are from our 20 yeras experience, which include being featured in the BRW Fast 100, building high traffic websites with over 200,000 monthly visits, helping business in the US, UK and NZ with their marketing and producing podcasts that have had over 1.2 million downloads.

 There are based on COVID-19 Restrictions allowing workshops.  If not, we will run their virtual, video on demand and through the podcast, so you will have plenty of options to get the information your need to grow in 2021.

Follow us on Facebook or contact us to register your interest.  Dates will be put up shortly.  Seminars $19.95 each to cover light refreshments, start at 5:30 and include light refreshments.  Seminars are free for existing Extreme Networks or Extreme Labs customers.

January – Social Media Marketing for Beginners.

Facebook marketing

We will cover Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, SEO and SEM.  This is designed for new comers to online marketing and will give you some ideas about how you can better market your business.

February – Business Model Canvas

Facebook marketing

The Business Model Canvas is a powerful tool to uncover hidden opportunities in your business plan.  This session covers the BMC with real world examples of how we have used each section to grow our businesses.

March – Advanced Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Training

We will cover everything you need to know to run your own Facebook campaign.  Targeting, retargeting, ad budgets and more.

April – Basic SME IT Security

Facebook marketing

We look at current threats to small business – THAT LOCAL HAS HAVE EXPERIENCED and how to harden your business against these risks.

May –  Hiring for Success

Extreme Hiring Matrix

We have engineers who’ve been with us for 20 years.  How do we strive toward building a high performing team? We look at the tools we use.  This helps with our Reboot 2021 goal of helping small businesses to hire in 2021.

June – Small Business SEO Secrets

Google Analytics SEO

How can you improve the Search Engine Optimisation for your business.  We cover the basics, share the secrets, and show you one of the cheapest way you can find customers in 2021.

July – Team Building

Extreme Hiring Matrix

We have engineers who’ve been with us for 20 years.  How do we strive toward building a high performing team? We look at the tools we use. 

August – Person of influence marketing in your industry

IT Leadership

How can you become a person of influence in your industry.  We look at techniques to build your profile and the benefits for your business.

August – Free and low cost tech tools for your business

Google Analytics SEO

What are the technologies available that real businesses are using to decrease costs, increase revenue and drive profitability.  This will include a walk through of the Extreme Office, so you can see real world applications that drive profits.

September – Offshoring best practices

Small Business Offshoring.

We discuss our offshoring processes, the different approaches, what works for us and what hasn’t.  In many Industries, offshoring is becoming a necessity to maintain price competitiveness.

October- Small Business processes for growth and profitability 

Google Analytics SEO

We look at the tech, the processes and the habits to help you scale your business.

November – Google Analytics

Google Analytics SEO

We walk you through Google Analytics so you can understand this important tool for understanding your customers AND finding more of them.

November – Putting it all together to build a pipeline for your business

Google Analytics SEO

We look at integrating your business process to help you find more customers and a simple and scalable way.

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    Let’s work together to rebuild and reboot in 2021!

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