Dropbox Alternative for SMEs

Dropbox has grown incredibly fast over the last 5 years, but businesses are realising that they need a solution that scales affordably, whilst provide flexibility and speed for local and remote users. A Dropbox alternative is needed that is cost effective and removes syncing and permissions issues that becoming increasingly problematic as the number of users and uses increase with Dropbox.

With team members across multiple locations and disciplines, including engineering, security, marketing and graphic design, Extreme Networks struggled with file storage and access.  We needed one central repository that was fast, accessible by all members and secure.  We wanted to make it as easy as possible for the team to share documents across multiple locations as we as find the document that they needed as quickly as possible.

cool vendor When looking for a solution, we chose Ctera, based on their solution, their pre sales support to help customers get the right solution, their after sales support to ensure that it works and the solution itself, which is scalable and secure.

By using a private cloud solution, Ctera provides the solution for comanies wanting to retain control over their data, or limited by law as to the location for data storage.  This is often the case in hospitals and other healthcare organisations, and more often Accounting firms are starting to be more proactive with where their data is being stored as are solicitors and Legal firms.


Ctera Products scale from SMBs through to Enterprise

The Ctera range of appliances make the perfect on-site or private cloud dropbox alternatives.

Ctera enables business to retain the benefits of local file storage, which is fast and reliable whilst enjoying the benefits of remote file access.

File Sync and Share Appliance

  • Selectively sync folders to the cloud and other appliances
  • Maintain user access privileges across sites
  • Agentless file sync and share for desktop users.


dropbox alternative

The EC200 makes the perfect Dropbox alternative for businesses with 5 – 02 users.

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