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Our Mission: Solve Small Business Problems

We run small businesses, so we know how hard it is to run a Small Business and we are passionate about sharing knowledge to help to run your business, grow your business, spend less time growing your business and meet and exceed the goals that you have for your business. Need help to solve small business problems? Let’s begin today!

Too many small business owners struggle with:

  • Revenue. Find out the techniques we use to find new customers all over Australia.
  • Profitability. Revenue minus costs. It is a simple formula – let us give you a couple of extra levels that you can pull change the equation.
  • Growing their business. More customers + more staff =more headaches? It doesn’t have to be that way. Get some ideas on growing without the growing pains.
  • Growing a high performing team. Clear vision, clear values and communicate, communicate and communicate.  What tools are there to help you better communicate with your team, especially across multiple sites, multiple states and even multiple countries?
  • Working too many hours. You are expected to be the expert or everything in your business, HR, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Sales. How can you delegate and outsource the budget that you have?
  • Getting policies and procedures in place for their small business. Implementing tech for small business policies enhances internal knowledge management, providing clarity to team members on permissible actions.
  • The changes in their industry bought on by the internet. Retail and online shopping, manufacturing and 3D printing. These are threats but also massive opportunities.  There has never been a time in history that there has been so much opportunity for small businesses to grow their business.
  • Going away for holidays. Most small business owners work much longer hours and many earn less than some of their employees. We are the only people who routinely miss out of overtime wages, sick leave, and holiday leave.  Is that fair?  Let’s change the business so that there is more time left at the end of the work rather than more work left at the end of the day.
  • Getting a decent return for of the long hours, stress and financial risk of running a small business. The internet provides many opportunities to find new customers, new markets and new revenue streams.
  • Building a fast growing company. Growing a fast growing business is really fun and the internet, online tools, and cloud strategies make it easier than ever.

We have the answers.  Tools, strategies and tactics to help you build a team that is accountable, to build a business that is scalable and to build a lifestyle that you want out of your business. 

We solve small business problems. With firsthand experience, we offer knowledge to help grow, save time, and achieve your goals.

A profitable company with a great culture give business owners the Freedom that they need.