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Oct 18, 2015 | News

IT Leadership is a part of how Extreme Networks helps our customers to run their businesses better.  We are finding that the way businesses are run today is changing and that the rate of change is increasing.  Some industries are changing very quickly, and some are going to disappear.  Small businesses need to be more agile than ever and they need more agile IT than ever.

What does IT Leadership mean for Small Businesses?

Business Owners and managers can’t be experts in all parts of their business.  They don’t have the resources of the big companies, so they outsource parts of the business that they need to like accounting, legal and IT.  Leadership in IT for a small business is not about installing a new server or upgrading PCs, it’s not about providing a great help desk and keeping things running, it is a lot more important than that, it is about educating business owners about how technology is changing and how it will impact their business and most importantly, how they can increase productivity and profitability and decrease the time they spend in the business.

Our Leadership is recognised throughout Australia by our peers, with our Founder and Managing Director presenting the Lock Note presentation at the SMBiT Professionals National Conference, on the Gold Coast recently.  He spoke about the rate of change in IT and how all IT companies need to do a better job of showing Leadership for Small Businesses across Australia.

IT Leadership

Recognised by our peers as leaders in the IT Industry, Managing Director and Founder, James Eling presents at the SMBiT Professionals National Conference on the future of IT for Small Businesses.

IT Leadership for Small Businesses

IT Leadership for Small Businesses consists of having 3 components

Firstly it is how understanding how the business works.  How does the business sell, what does it sell, who are it’s competitors, what the internal processes are and what the strengths and weaknesses of the business are.  Very few IT companies take this approach with their customers, but it is fundamental to building a great IT strategy that can help transform a business.

Second is understanding current technology and trends to be able to advise a business on how to better meet the business goals and being able to impart that knowledge to small business owners.

Over 300 small business owners attended our online marketing seminars last year. We are serious about helping you grow your business.

Teaching businesses about ways to grow their business in an environment is a great way to help many business owners at once.  Here James helps 76 business owners understand how marketing has changed over the last 5 years.

Lastly, it is around Execution.  This is not about selling hardware, nor is it even selling a solution, but it is about delivering a solution that actually helps the business meet it’s goals.  Great IT solutions are partially about the technology but they are more about the people and we work hard to ensure that our customers people understand the technology and understand how to use the technology.

If you’re looking to grow your business faster or need to transition your business as competition increases, call the Team at Extreme Networks on 039785712.


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