Do your competitors have the technological edge on you?

Feb 22, 2013 | News

With the slow economy, many businesses are turning to technology to find that edge against their competitors, allowing them to either make more money, increase market share or both.  Today, we will look at a number of ways that modern businesses are leveraging technology to modernize their office to ensure they have the competitive edge required to meet the needs of their customers, their staff and to make a profit.


Digital Signage:  Help your employees stay informed of crucial business metrics and announcements by leveraging the informational capabilities delivered through digital signage. A large LED monitor on the wall can make it quick and easy for everyone in the team to know the key metrics, and as we all know, what gets measured gets managed.

Remote Monitoring and Automation:  Some businesses do run their IT network by the seat of their pants and sometimes it comes back to bite them.  By making sure that all patching and routine maintenance is done, businesses are able to minimize interruptions to employees work and more importantly, avoid unscheduled downtime caused by networks that haven’t been properly maintained.

Email Management and Administration:  Email communication is critical and many businesses are making sure that employees have access to their emails 24/7 to enable them to provide better customer service.  Many are also realizing that email marketing is often the most cost effective way to reach out to both existing customers and prospects and increase sales.  When was the last time you sent out an email campaign?

Security: Some businesses suffer expensive downtime from security issues, whether it is employees stealing confidential information, virus attacks or external hackers.  Security audits and firewalls can dramatically decrease the risks.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS):  HaaS is an extension of renting or leasing your hardware.  Now it is possible for businesses to pay a fixed monthly fee for all the hardware, software and support required for a PC or Laptop.  This makes budgeting a lot easier and allows for easy growth as your business grows.

Software as a Service (SaaS):  Like hardware, much software can now be rented, dramatically decreasing upfront costs and providing flexibility to increase or decrease your payments as your software usage changes.  It allows smaller businesses to get access to software they previously wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Help Desk: Computer problems or downtime get in the way of employees trying to do their job.  An outsourced helpdesk provides rapid resolution to these problems.  When looking for a helpdesk find one that will train your in-house resources in troubleshooting minor issues.  Getting someone in-house to fix minor issues is quicker and more cost effective.

Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery:    There have been significant changes in the last few years with storing and backing up your data, and businesses now have a lot more options.  Business can now, more quickly than ever, recover from a server failure or theft with technology like bare metal restore and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Infrastructure:  Internet prices continue to fall and this provides businesses with multiple offices many options to ensure that everyone is singing from the same songbook.

Surveillance:  Surveillance cameras are making it easier to meet the needs of Workplace Health and Safety, physical security and monitoring of the workplace.  Surveillance systems can even be monitored from your mobile phone.

Internal IT Department:  We work diligently at leveraging our capability to serve either alongside you or act as your internal IT department.

Telepresence:  Fast internet now means that many meetings that needed to be face to face, can now be down with a some videoconferencing equipment, dramatically decreasing the travel budget and eliminating time wasted in travel.

Printer Management:  How much money is your company spending on printing without even knowing it?  An audit can quickly pick up the printers that are costing far too much to run and there are a range of solutions from economical printers to cost per print printers that are now available, decreasing the cost to print, whilst enabling your company to promote itself in the best way possible.

Vendor Management:   All businesses have more than one vendor they use, and managing the terms of all of those agreements is complex meaning that many businesses miss out on the benefits that often accrue from working with each vendor.  By aggregating all of the information about all of the contracts into one place, management of vendor relationships becomes easier to deal with.

Professional Services:  Whether it is a quick coffee to catch up on the latest trends in technology, or a virtual Chief Information Officer board meetings, there are many ways that companies can now get a clear roadmap of where technology is going and how they can best profit from it.   

Voice Networking (VoIP): VoIP has finally come of age and many businesses are slashing their telecommunications costs.  The days of the old PABX are finally over and businesses, especially businesses with multiple sites or making a lot of international or interstate calls are saving thousands of dollars by implementing VoIP.


There are a lot of ways here that companies are moving forward, and the best way to start is with a quick chat.  Putting great technology into your business is OK and helps, but it becomes very powerful when the technology plan is a part of your overall business plan.  This ensures that the dollars are spent in the right place with the right result for the business.


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