Confluence Setup and Administration

Confluence is software from Atlassian that enables teams to collaborate, create and organise work. Originally designed for developers, it is now used by many teams across the world to help with communication.

Extreme Networks uses Confluence to store a lot of vital information for the company, including our business plan, quarterly goals, policies and procedures and tasks..  The best thing about confluence we have found is that it takes policies and procedures from being something printed out which no one ever refers to and never gets updated to something that is easily accessible and can be edited by all of the team, so we can have quickly and easily built a component of continuing quality improvement into our company.

Confluence installation
Confluence makes team collaboration and documenting polices and procedures much easier.

Using Confluence in your business

Teams are know able to quickly and easily track projects and discuss issues.  We find that it works particularly well when you’ve got teams that don’t often meet for face to face meetings.  You are able to increase participation from all the members of your teams, across time zones quickly and easily.  Storing images, documents, and spreadsheets is simple and it works really well for meeting notes as well.  Tasks can be assigned to members which increases accountability for everyone.

Confluence pricing

Confluence can be either based on your server or on Atlassians in the cloud.  We run two Confluence instances, one of which is in our office and the other in the cloud.  For small teams of up to 10 users, Confluence on your server is just $10, which is amazing value and makes using Confluence a no brainer.  If you prefer it hosted, it is just $10 pr month which is still really good value.  Pricing is available for more users and varies based on the number of users and whether you will manage it on your server or if you want it hosted in the cloud.

The installation is quick and simple and configuration time can range between 2 and 10 hours depending on the complexity of what is required.  User training is usually a quick 10 minutes with the intuitive way that it is set up easy for many users to pick up and become comfortable with.

Please contact the team if you are looking for ways to increase collaboration, store your policies and procedures, track accountabilities or increase communication across your team.  We can give you a demonstration of how we use it in our business.

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