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Extreme Networks is a family owned IT services business based in Carrum Downs on the Mornington Peninsula. Our company was founded in 1999, with the aim of taking care of the computers whilst our customers take care of business.

7 Reasons to use Extreme Networks to help you grow your business.

The internet is drastically changing the way that Small Businesses are being forced to change or close.  The way we market, build our team, communicate with our customers, interact with our suppliers and grow our companies is changing at an ever increasing rate.   Without the right advice, your company will be left behind. Adapt to rapid changes in marketing, team building, communication, and growth with Extreme Networks’ unique IT solutions.

Here are the 7 Reasons that Extreme Networks is not your usual IT Company.

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Our History

We have been servicing companies on the Mornington Peninsula since 1999. Our family business started in 1 room in our house in Somerville. The company grew rapidly, being featured in the BRW Fast 100, the list of the fastest growing companies in Australia and moved twice as the company expanded.

Today, our team continues to grow as we find more customers wanting to better manage their servers and desktops, looking for efficiencies in their business and wanting to grow their business. We serve customers all over Australia and New Zealand with a range of products and services to help them grow their business.

We have been looking for many of our customers for over 10 years.

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Our 4 Key Values:

1. Fun: Dealing with your IT company should be cool and fun. Here we delivered Mr Whippy Ice Creams to a range of our customers. Look out this Summer for more Customer Appreciation days!

Working with an IT company should be cool and fun! That’s why we did Free Ice Cream day! Extreme Networks – Not your usual IT company.

2. Learning: We share our knowledge and expertise with all of our customers. Here is James Eling helping 75 business owners create better online marketing campaigns.

3. Ownership: You can delegate a task, but you can’t delegate responsibility – at Extreme Networks we pride ourselves on the way our team can take care of the issues that are affecting your business.

4. Communication:  We hire people for their ability to communicate clearly with all of our customers in a way that they understand.  We speak business, not IT, so you can make informed decisions.

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Our Mission: Solve Small Business Problems

We run small businesses, so we know how hard it is to run a Small Business and we are passionate about sharing knowledge to help to run your business, grow your business, spend less time growing your business and meet and exceed the goals that you have for your business. Need help to solve small business problems? Let’s begin today!

Too many small business owners struggle with:

  • Revenue. Find out the techniques we use to find new customers all over Australia.
  • Profitability. Revenue minus costs. It is a simple formula – let us give you a couple of extra levels that you can pull change the equation.
  • Growing their business. More customers + more staff =more headaches? It doesn’t have to be that way. Get some ideas on growing without the growing pains.
  • Growing a high performing team. Clear vision, clear values and communicate, communicate and communicate.  What tools are there to help you better communicate with your team, especially across multiple sites, multiple states and even multiple countries?
  • Working too many hours. You are expected to be the expert or everything in your business, HR, Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Operations, Sales. How can you delegate and outsource the budget that you have?
  • Getting policies and procedures in place for their small business. Implementing tech for small business policies enhances internal knowledge management, providing clarity to team members on permissible actions.
  • The changes in their industry bought on by the internet. Retail and online shopping, manufacturing and 3D printing. These are threats but also massive opportunities.  There has never been a time in history that there has been so much opportunity for small businesses to grow their business.
  • Going away for holidays. Most small business owners work much longer hours and many earn less than some of their employees. We are the only people who routinely miss out of overtime wages, sick leave, and holiday leave.  Is that fair?  Let’s change the business so that there is more time left at the end of the work rather than more work left at the end of the day.
  • Getting a decent return for of the long hours, stress and financial risk of running a small business. The internet provides many opportunities to find new customers, new markets and new revenue streams.
  • Building a fast growing company. Growing a fast growing business is really fun and the internet, online tools, and cloud strategies make it easier than ever.

We have the answers.  Tools, strategies and tactics to help you build a team that is accountable, to build a business that is scalable and to build a lifestyle that you want out of your business.

We solve small business problems. With firsthand experience, we offer knowledge to help grow, save time, and achieve your goals.

A profitable company with a great culture gives business owners the Freedom that they need.

This is why we work the long hours and put up with the struggles of being a Small Business Owner. We want to help you to build the profitability and the culture of your company so you can enjoy the same benefits that we have been able to. This was taken from a glacier near Queenstown in New Zealand.

Business owners work long hours and it is hard to get away. There are a lot of technology tricks you can use to help you get away. You may still need to work, but now there is a choice about where you want to work from. Here we are catching up with the team for 30 minutes whilst in Chicago.

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  • To make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. A lot of the work that we do with businesses is to help cut costs or to improve revenue – but that is not what it is all about.  We work with hundreds of businesses
  • How many people in your team? Wouldn’t it be great if you employed one more person?  You’ve grown your team by 1 and given someone the opportunity of a career at your organisation.
  • When did you last go on a holiday? It is really important for Business Owners to take holidays.  Recharge the batteries and time out to really think about the strategy and execution in your business.
  • What are your goals for the business?  Double the profit, triple the profit, 10x the profit?  Exit the business?  Expand interstate?  Expand overseas?  How are you going to get there?  How can technology help you?  If you aren’t using technology to it’s best, someone else will be and they will be meeting and exceeding your goals.

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Our Team

Our rapidly growing team has 18 people. We have 8 Network engineers, 3 Developers, A graphic designer, a marketing manager, an Online Strategist, a website provisioning expert, and 3 sales and support people.  No one else serving the Small Business market has this depth and breadth of skills to help you grow your business.  The team works closely together so that you can get the range of skills that you need to solve your Small Business problems. At Extreme Networks, it is all about the team.  We conduct an extensive hiring process to ensure that all of our team members share our 4 key values and want to help us to achieve our Mission and our BHAG.  Every week we actively seek feedback from all of our customers to ensure that all of our team is providing all of our customers with Outstanding Customer Service.  We don’t always get it right, but because we really believe in long term relationships, we always do everything we can to make sure that our customers are more than happy.

Restaurant nights out are a regular event for Team Extreme.

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Our Customers

We bring over 15 years of experience in helping small businesses to manage their IT. We’ve taken care of the computers, while they’ve taken care of business and now with our online marketing and cloud technologies, we are helping small businesses to redefine the way that they work.  Many of our customers have been customers of Extreme Networks for over 10 years and some have been with us since the start.  This is a testament to our commitment to providing Outstanding Customer Service.

We look after lawyers and accountants, manufacturers, exporters, importers, lawyers, hospitals and doctors surgeries, Vets, business associations, schools, restaurants and mechanics.  In fact we have hundreds of customers across almost all of the small business spectrum. We see a lot of businesses, so very successful and some not so much, we know what works and what doesn’t.  You can rely on our expertise and experience to be able to make the right decisions for your business to get the outcomes that you need.

Reason 7 of 7 to use Extreme Networks

Our Solutions

When looking for an IT provider, ask them what differentiates them from their competitors. We help businesses to grow their businesses. We follow the same processes and use the same tools to build our businesses.

We have built website that receive over 200,000 visits per month, built an online business with customers all over Australia and New Zealand, in fact our furthest customer is in the Virgin Islands.

We wouldn’t offer to help you build a website that gets over 200,000 visitors a month if we hadn’t done that for ourselves.

We wouldn’t ask you to start targeting customers all over Australia, if I didn’t already have a hundreds of customers all over Australia and New Zealand.

We wouldn’t talk to you about marketing automation if we hadn’t automated much of our marketing procedures already.

We know what we are talking about, because it is what we do.  Just like the Nike ad – Every damn day.

Please take a look at

Australia and New Zealand’s largest online marketing company, with customers as far away as the Virgin Islands. Our online booking system for Restaurants has taken over 200,000 seats of bookings for Restaurants.

The National 4WD Tracks Database. We get over 200,000 visits per month and have a membership of over 50,000.

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