Gippsland IT Support

For the last 10 years, Extreme Networks have been customers in Gippsland IT Support.  Small and medium sized businesses in Gippsland

We’ve got customers in Korumburra, Foster, Leongatha, Phillip Island, Wonthaggi and Mirboo North and engineers who live in the area, ensuring that we can respond quickly to providing on site IT Support when you need it.

Our IT Support Process

Our strategy is to use great technology to assist our great team of engineers to help you manage your IT and help you grow your business.

We use applications to allow us to remotely manage servers, laptops and desktops and even mobile phones. This allows us to provide proactive IT support and reporting.  We also have a customer portal so that customers can see all of the work that has been done and is in progress.  This is part of our commitment to open and honest communication.

We combine this great technology with a great team of IT professionals.  With over 20 people in the team, we have the range and depth of skills required to help you grow your business and get the best return on investment in your investment in IT.  Our team are hired for their ability to talk to customers, understand their customers and take ownership of those issues.  We view ourselves as the in-house Systems Administartors for our customers, providing all of the traditional services that a Sys Admin would provide, from budget and hardware replacement planning, through to strategic advice around technology implemention and business process re-engineering.

Case Study – Gippsland Veterinary Group.

We have provided IT and marketing support to Gippsland Veterinary Group for over 5 years.  The IT Support that we have provided covers a range of service, from Server maintenance to application support for their line of business applications and online marketing support.  We have supported them as they have grown from 4 offices through to the current 7 sites.  A range of solutions have been used, including Microsoft Terminal Services for Remote Desktops, mobile computing to enable Vets to access the information that they require when they are visiting customers and out of hours support.


Gippsland IT Support

We’ve been providing IT support to small and medium-sized businesses in Gippsland for the last 10 years.