Team Extreme has been helping small and medium sized businesses in Carrum Downs since 1999. Our team of 19 manages over 3,000 PCs and Servers for Government, Small and Medium Businesses. Our customers in Carrum Downs include manufacturers, schools, lawyers and we also look after local accountants, hospitals and a wide range of SMEs across a number of industries.

Whether you are looking to cut the cost of your IT support, grow your business, or increase productivity and profitability, Extreme Networks has a wide range of services and skills to help you achieve your business goals.

Our team of network engineers and systems administrators provides very fast service to customers whose server has crashed, blue screened, is running slow or just needs general maintenance. With over 15 years of experience in helping businesses in Carrum Downs, we know we can help your business, whether you need a Microsoft Engineer or an Exchange expert or even assistance with your online marketing.

Our team of developers, marketers and business analysts are expert at helping businesses to go online to find new customers, increase revenue, increase efficiency and most importantly increase profit. Unlike a lot of marketing companies, our skills have been developed in house building successful online businesses.

We have built:

One website which receives 1.2 million page views per month; One business which has customers all over Australia and New Zealand and as far away as the Virgin Islands;

and Australia’s largest online booking system for Restaurants which is free for the restaurant to use. The bookings are growing at 8% per month.

Leverage our skillset to grow your business online. Call today to speak to one of the online marketing experts who are powering hundreds of business Australia wide.

If you aren’t owning your online marketing, someone else is and they are taking your potential new customers.