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Like many IT companies, we also offer website design – however here are 7 Reasons why you should use Extreme Networks for your next website project.

  1. We don’t build websites – we build online solutions to grow your business.  Too many businesses have great looking websites which don’t actually bring in more customers.
  2. Training – we offer regular training which is designed to help you better understand online marketing, so you can understand what your competitors are doing and how you can focus on building the business you want with the customers you want.  We also offer bespoke training either in your office or ours on how to grow your skills in online marketing.
  3. Experience – We’ve built hundreds of websites, including www.4x4earth.com, the National 4WD track database which gets over 200,000 visits per month and we also built www.marketing4restaurants.com, Australia and New Zealand’s largest Restaurant Marketing company.
  4. Our Team – Unlike many IT companies who have engineers who can make a website if you need one, we have a dedicated team, including a graphic designer, WordPress engineer, application developers,
  5. Process – We sit down with you to understand your market, your customers, your business processes and your profitability so that the website can target the right business processes and markets to grow your business.
  6. Platform – We mainly use WordPress because it empowers business owners to look after their own website, meaning changes are quicker, cheaper and more frequent.  Wordpress is simple to use and more and more employees have experience in managing WordPress.
  7. Integration – A website on it’s own is very difficult to get traction with, but when linked to social media, podcasts, email marketing and offline marketing, it can be a powerful process.  We think integration from the start so that these components aren’t left off or tacked on as an after thought.
  8. Search Engine Optimisation – We travelled to Google’s Headquarters in San Francisco to sit down with their search engineers and work out the best methodology to help our customers get found in Google and we share that we our customers as we go through the process of designing the website.

If you are looking for someone to partner with as you grow your business online, the number 1 question you should ask is “What online businesses have you built for yourself?”  If anyone is any good at building online businesses, they would build their own online business.

Prices for bespoke websites start at $4,995 + GST.