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We are hiring!

The bad news first.

  • You must share our 4 key values.  These are not negotiable.  Our hiring process is designed to select out those who do not share our values and if we make a mistake in hiring someone who doesn’t share our values we generally fire them.  It is not fair on our customers and more importantly our team.  So straight up, if you don’t share our values, try one of our competitors. 🙂
  • You will need to do timesheets.  This is how we make money to pay everyone’s wages, so you must be able to write clearly, be organised and keep time sheets up to date.  (We know timesheets suck, but it is a fact of life!)
  • You need to be committed to a career in IT.
  • You need to want to help us achieve mission success.
  • Get on board with our BHAG.
  • We don’t have salespeople in our Corporate team.  We have Systems Administrators who hundreds of companies (our customers) who trust us to provide them with frank and fearless advice on how to use IT to achieve their business goals.
  • Team Extreme is not for everyone.  Only 50% of junior engineers survive their first year with Extreme.  We have high standards AND we want you to be the best you that you can be.
IT job interviews

Who doesn’t love a group IT job Interview?

We do, however, aim to provide THE BEST IT Careers in Frankston – Mornington – Dandenong and Berwick.

Interview process.

To get a job at Extreme Networks, you’ll need to solve a series of puzzles, each more fiendish than the last!

  1.  Work out if Team Extreme is for you.
  2. If we haven’t put off yet, please send your resume to Iwanttowork – at –  We may not get back to you right away and we sometimes leave batch resumes for interviews and positions.
  3. Phone interview.  This is to determine if there is a rough fit between you and our team.
  4. Group Interview.  This is designed to help a panel of our team get to know you.
  5. Technical Interview.  This is where the rubber hits the road.  We are looking for response under pressure, troubleshooting knowledge and methodology and ability to communicate in a mock on site situation.

Hiring Criteria for our IT jobs –

  • Likelihood to share our values.
  • Ability to demonstrate a commitment to their career.
  • Likelihood of having a long term career at Extreme.

Benefits of getting an IT job in Frankston with Extreme Networks.

  • Longevity – many of our engineers have worked here long enough to get their long service leave.
  • Training – we pay for you to sit Microsoft exams
  • Culture – we work hard to make sure we have a great culture to help your grow your skills and IT career on the Mornington Peninsula.
  • Perks – Before COVID-19, we had a range of perks including fortnightly massages to help you relax!
  • Team – our team is highly skilled across a range of disciplines and senior engineers work to build each and every one of our junior engineers so they can improve their confidence and skills.
  • Our management team has the directed tasks of being the employer of choice for people with the skills we need to achieve our Mission.  We work hard to provide the best IT jobs in Frankston – Mornginton – Berwick and Dandenong.
  • We believe in work-life balance.

Read about our 4 key values and our history.

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